Vinhomes ocean park gia lâm


Owning a prime location, located at the golden intersection of Gia Lam along with high-class facilities, Vinhomes Ocean Parkpromises lớn be an ideal place for residents to become a New center with outstanding development in the heart of the Capital.

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1/ vinhomes riverside Ocean Park - Golden interchange location of Gia Lam

Located at the golden intersection of Gia Lam (Hanoi), the coastal city of vinhomes Ocean Park is easily accessible by many major roads, the main bridges such as Vinh tuy Bridge, Thanh Tri Bridge, Chuong Duong Bridge.The main road Dong Du - Duong Xa, directly connected to lớn the big thành phố to National Highway 5A has recently been upgraded lớn a modern, 40m wide road. There are trees & street lights on both sides of the road.


At the gateway of the project's main transport links, adjacent lớn the 5B highway, the two parallel highways are expanded lớn 11m, extending from the project khổng lồ the end of Hanoi, adjacent khổng lồ Hung Yen. From these two roads, residents can connect directly into different areas of the project through 04 connecting tunnel locations up lớn 40m wide.With its current location and new traffic points, vinhomes riverside Ocean Park is closing the gap with all future residents, becoming a new center of the capital.

2/Apartment design vinhomes Ocean Park

Vinhomes Ocean Park with a larger area of ​​420ha in Gia Lam, Hanoi. The project is inspired by the modern, world-class Singapore city, bringing an ideal living space with a system of utility services, green landscapes, parks and especially the wide sea và salt water lake. 6.1ha, 24.5ha conditioning lake nowhere.

Vinhomes Gia Lam is planned with 2 subdivisions of vinhomes riverside Ocean Park & ​​Vinhomes Ocean Park.

High-rise subdivision

Vincity Ocean Park high-rise subdivision will be divided into 4 sub-areas: The Sapphire1, The Sapphire 2, Ruby, Diamond.

* vinhomes Sapphire: is a modern apartment line for young people who are dynamic, prefer technology và tend lớn choose smart và flexible solutions in life.

* vinhomes Ruby is a more advanced apartment line, for groups of civilized và modern family customers, towards a high-class life, full of utility services. Vinhomes Ruby is the current vinhomes riverside product.

* vinhomes Diamond is the most advanced apartment line in the vinhomes system with high-class apartments, full of high-class utilities for elite customers.

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Especially, vinhomes riverside Ocean Parkis designed with a diverse area, suitable for many Vietnamese households, receiving a lot of attention from people in Gia Lam, Hung Yen, ... Kiến thiết of the apartment is modern and luxurious style.


These léman luxury apartments are designed optimally in terms of use area, with apartment space is reasonably designed, minimalist details such as bearing columns instead of bearing walls will make the space in the apartment large & more open.

Low-rise subdivision

Low-rise subdivision of vinhomes riverside Ocean Park project includes 2300 villas with all types:

• Adjacent villas 90-130m2

• Garden villas: 168m2

• Duplex villas: 180-250m2

• Single villas: 250-450m2

• Shophouse (townhouse): 170-300m2

3/Attractive and trendy gadgets

Investor vinhomes has just announced the addition of residents with 2 roof glass swimming pools on the 6th floor of high-rise garage buildings. The quality feature is that these 2 swimming pools have an mở cửa sliding module, becoming a quality architectural feature. Each swimming pool area of ​​2000m2, including an Olympic pool for adults 1000m2, 1 children's pool 120m2. Auxiliary area of ​​about 700m2. Around the swimming pool are landscaped green garden landscapes. The investor also makes a panorama ladder to lớn create an enjoyable experience for residents.


In addition to the resort style swimming pools evenly distributed in the subdivisions, the swimming pool system at vinhomes Ocean Park becomes a great summer cooling place for residents. Whenever they want, they can enjoy swimming, exercising và relaxing. In summer, in the capital may rarely be less crowded pool, but in the future, in the đô thị of the lake, residents of all ages always enjoy the best conditions for physical training.

4/A prestigious investor

Vingroup is the largest market capitalization enterprise in Vietnam stock market. By pioneering aspirations and the sustainable development investment strategy of Vingroup, strives to become a leading economic corporation in Vietnam, reputable & a position on the world economic map to build a successful hàng hóa chain & High-class services contribute to improving the chất lượng of life of Vietnamese people & empowering Vietnamese in the international arena.

As a brand of Vingroup, vinhomes riverside is considered the number one real estate company in Vietnam operating in the field of development and transfer of residential real estate complexes in the middle & high-end segments.

Vinhomes has 2 brands namely vinhomes with hàng hóa lines of high-end townhouses and villas and vinhomes branded apartments in mid-end và affordable segments in Hanoi with 2 projects: vinhomes riverside Ocean Park and vinhomes riverside Sportia.

5/Reasonable selling price

As a real estate brand - tung Long Land aimed at growing middle class customers, Vinhomes Ocean Park Gia Lam léman luxury apartments are affordable and reasonable. Only with the income of both husband và wife from 15-25 million/month, customers have the opportunity to own an apartment for rentin vinhomes Ocean Parkwith modern design, comfortable, prestigious interior.