Son dior lip tattoo addict

In an alternative universe, my favorite Dior lip stain would be living her best life right now, starting the night off by hugging the rim of a tequila soda and ending it covered in a layer of pizza grease. Instead, she"s hidden, in a constant game of peek-a-boo when I pull down my face mask lớn take a sip of my margarita roadie. For a product that"s meant lớn be seen, it can feel lượt thích an early slide into irrelevancy, collecting dust at the bottom of my makeup bag while I reach for the glitter eyeshadow that isn"t going to be covered up by protective masks.

But regardless of if I have my mask on or off, the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo has cemented its place in my own personal makeup hall of fame. Why do I love it so much? Well, as Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote in an 18th century sonnet, let me count the ways: it"s lightweight, not sticky, doesn"t smell sickeningly sweet, leaves behind the perfect wash of color, and doesn"t smear all over my face mask. So, basically, it"s everything.

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The details


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Even though "tattoo" is in its name, don"t get it confused for a gloopy liquid lipstick that dries down into a sandpaper finish, marking its territory by nestling into the cracks of your lips. No, this one is actually weightless—kinda like there"s nothing on your mouth in the first place.

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Seriously, feel không tính phí to rub your lips together & the hydrating glycerin in the formula will leave your skin so soft & smooth.


A soft wash of màu sắc on my cheeks and lips.
Ama Kwarteng
The formula glides right onto your lips via a small doe-foot applicator that gives you complete control—you can hit all the corners of your mouth without accidentally over-lining them. The immediate sensation is light, moisturizing, và cool. Wait about 30 seconds for it to lớn dry down and it"s basically transfer-proof, no matter what you eat or drink. (Pro tip: I spray my Urban Decay setting spray all over my face before I slide my mask on. It definitely helps with the whole not getting makeup everywhere thing.)

The tint comes in five shades—Natural Peach, Natural Rose, Natural Rosewood, Natural Red, Natural Berry, and Natural Brown. My go-to is Natural Berry, which looks exactly lượt thích it sounds (almost how your lips looked as a kid after you finished shoving raspberries by the handful into your mouth). The shade is also great for deeper skin tones—it"s extra-pigmented, and once you glide it on, you"re left with a fresh and natural-looking flush.

Don"t feel like you have lớn stick lớn just the lips either. (It likes lớn be seen, remember?) I usually take the applicator & rub the formula all over the back of my hand. I then go in with my pointer finger và dab the pigment on top of my cheekbones for a natural-looking, "I should be vacationing in Europe right now" vibe. The subtle, yet striking tint is also great for when you wake up five minutes before a Zoom gọi with your boss.

The final word

Yes, it might be a bit hidden in the ~current~ climate, but this lip stain is still able to lớn live its best life on my lips & cheeks. & since it doesn"t disappear quickly, everyone"s still able to catch a glimpse. The long-lasting & non-sticky formula makes it a mask- & skin-friendly product, và the fact that you can use it all over your face—as a stain on your lips, cheeks, & eyes—makes the $30 price tag more than worth the money IMO.

Once the subtle wash starts to fade (never in patches, tho, don"t worry), I"d be lying if I said I didn"t get a little sad. It"s almost lượt thích a night out that"s nearing its close—you don"t want it to lớn end, but what"s that saying about good things again?